Welcome to Hewlett Swanson

Hewlett Swanson is a full service commercial law firm that consistently exceeds client expectations for quality, service, expertise and value. Our lawyers are not simply experienced professionals. We are business advisors, who happen to be lawyers.



We give our clients straightforward solutions to seemingly complicated problems. Our ethos is informed by the commercial realities of business life – offering genuine insight and solutions to both the challenges and opportunities that business owners face.


We’ll share the risk with you. Hewlett Swanson delivers carefully costed and budgeted solutions that take into account the value delivered to our clients. With our recommendations and decisions being made on sound business principles, we build successful, long-term client relationships.


Hewlett Swanson’s lawyers are experienced professionals with exceptional business acumen. Our keenly entrepreneurial approach enables us to advise clients strategically, in a commercial context and to balance carefully budgeted costs with desired outcomes.

Our ethos is informed by the commercial demands of the businesses and clients we represent. We offer genuine insight and workable solutions that allow our clients to take advantage of opportunities, deal effectively with obstacles and identify and manage legal and commercial risks.

Hewlett Swanson works with clients who value discretion and absolute transparency. We do not operate or report on a departmental level, nor do our lawyers work in isolation.  Instead, we provide relevant and commercially focussed legal advice as a co-ordinated multi-disciplinary team of lawyers who, whilst experts in their field, are not over-specialised or too narrowly focussed.

Our business has grown rapidly in recent years and Hewlett Swanson has been at the heart of this. Their advice is consistently first class and they punch well above their weight both in terms of breadth and quality of service. I am only sorry I didn’t come across them sooner.
Tristan Rodgers, Finance Director, Newcore Capital Management LLP