Hewlett Swanson works with clients who value discretion and absolute transparency. We do not operate or report on a departmental level, nor do our lawyers work in isolation.  Instead, we provide relevant and commercially focussed legal advice as a co-ordinated multi-disciplinary team of lawyers who, whilst experts in their field, are not over-specialised or too narrowly focussed.

We work closely and in collaboration with our clients, seeking always to empower businesses and entrepreneurs to make informed commercial decisions. We identify any potential threats to a deal at the earliest possible stage and, wherever possible, work with the client to overcome those problems. Our clients do not want their deals to fail, and neither do we.

At Hewlett Swanson, we consider the traditional focus on ‘billable hours’, ‘utilisation’ and ‘leverage’ to be a significant barrier to building successful, long-term client relationships. Instead, we deliver carefully costed and budgeted solutions, led always by a senior and very experienced lawyer. Our recommendations and advice are commercially driven and always based on sound business principles.

At the outset of each project, we assess our client’s situation and objectives, and we use these to devise the optimum legal and commercial strategy, timeline and budget. This is a responsibility we take extremely seriously. That is why we provide an honest assessment of the transaction from the outset, which informs the formulation of a strategy and budget which we believe can best achieve our client’s desired commercial outcome.

Through our understanding of the commercial value that can be generated by delivering the right service, and advice, we work with our clients to ensure the benefits we derive fairly reflect the importance of the work that we do, and the outcome and value that our clients themselves receive.

Where specialist assistance is required, we have long-standing relationships with carefully selected professionals, in the UK and overseas, whose expertise we are able to draw upon for international investments, complex tax and planning issues, and multi-jurisdictional transactions.

I have worked with Hewlett Swanson on a number of successful cases and they are, without question, first class litigation solicitors – more than a match for firms many times their size. What marks them out is the fact that they combine well-focused strategic thinking with a professional case management team that has proved itself in substantial multiparty litigation in the High Court. The firm’s senior lawyers invest the time and effort to keep cases on track and communicate progress with clients. This is not a firm where work is delegated to inexperienced personnel; clients deal directly with experienced litigators who help them devise the best strategy for resolving their dispute or (if incapable of resolution) securing a successful outcome through the court process.
Andrew Sutcliffe, QC