Contentious situations should not be feared. An astute strategy and carefully considered cost/benefit analysis can turn a potentially difficult situation into a powerful business opportunity.

The team at Hewlett Swanson are expert strategists and innovative problem solvers, frequently adopting approaches that are not the obvious, or usual, ones. Focussing always on our client’s objectives and the need to balance cost and benefit, we devise innovative strategies using a complex strategic toolkit to achieve a timely successful outcome. As appropriate, our clients benefit from innovative financing arrangements and contingency fee structures, third party funding and insurance arrangements that mitigate financial risks and exposure.

What sets us apart from our competitors are not only the innovative strategies that we devise, but also the way that we align our approach with the interests of our clients. We understand that a dispute is no different to any other commercial transaction in which a client invests its time and money, and that what is required from the outset is a very clear analysis of cost and likely benefit. That is why we provide each of our clients, at the start, with a carefully considered, and deliverable, budget and a realistic commercial strategy. Whilst the strategy may need to be adapted to meet changing circumstances, we recognise that the agreed financial model underpins the client’s decision to proceed and we do our best at all times to work within the budget and to deliver the required outcome.


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