Whether we are creating the optimum structure for our clients’ new business ventures; helping our clients to invest, or to secure investment; buying, selling, or restructuring our clients’ businesses; or simply assisting with day-to-day corporate issues, our advice is always commercial, realistic and proportionate to the matter at hand.

The Hewlett Swanson corporate team produces documents that are clear, balanced, logical and based on a thorough appreciation of our clients’ needs and objectives. We do not let obstacles stand in our way; rather we work hard with our clients to overcome them.

Each deal that we work on is carefully scoped and budgeted. We understand the need to get the deal done, and to do so on time and on budget. We approach every transaction with drive, energy, enthusiasm and good humour. The key to our success is working closely with our clients, understanding their objectives and at all times adopting a sensible, collaborative and commercial approach.

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